Adam Wingard of Blair Witch to direct Godzilla vs. Kong


Adam Wingard has directed two of my favorite horror films ever, You’re Next and The Guest, and while his attempt at making Blair Witch relevant again didn’t work out, I’m glad to see him getting more work. However, that works is kind of out of the blue. The director is going to helm Gozilla vs. Kong, the third film in the Warner Bros. giant monster universe that had its last installment in Kong: Skull Island.

That’s a major jump for him, and a complete shift in genre from almost all of his previous work. I think he’s got the skill to piece something fantastic together, and bring a few scares in as well. What Wingard has been best at is subverting genres, and giving giant monsters a new twist has been the theme of both the Godzilla and Kong movies so far. It’s definitely an interesting choice, but clearly the studio trusts him. 

[via Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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