Addams Family to be rebooted as animated film


One of the fantastically charming things about the two Addams Family movies that came out in the early 90s is that they were live action adaptations of a cartoon, and through that they managed to capture the quirky morbidness of the famous strip (at least the first one). Now MGM has announced that they plan to take the Addams Family and launch a new series of animated movies off of them. It has me worried.

I can just picture the kid friendly pap the family could be turned into (and really already has been in previous TV incarnations) and it means we won’t be getting a good movie. There is hope, however. The studio could stick with the claymation route that Tim Burton was going to use when he was planning a reboot and they’ve hired Pamela Pettler, who wrote both Corpse Bride and Monster House. Both those films combined kid friendly movies with a touch of the macabre wonderfully so if anyone is going to make it work it’ll hopefully be her. 

*snap snap*

[via Variety]

Matthew Razak
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