Adele’s Skyfall theme lets the sky fall, stands tall


While I’m not a huge enough James Bond fan to dissect the movies, like say Matt and Xander’s awesome Across the Bond series, or see them at all (more on that later this month), I know enough about the Bond themes to know that a lot of the older ones had big voices and maybe a slower progression unlike the more recent themes. So hearing that Adele is doing Skyfall‘s theme is like a godsend. 

In this video above, you’ll find a very nice lyric video along with the new theme. Funny story, I had actually heard this on the radio today (my local pop station) and I didn’t know it was the theme until she sang “Skyfall” a billion times. And according to Matt, that’s a common thing. 

With that being said, I like it but there’s a more subdued Adele than usual. Where’s the “Rumour Has It” or “Rolling in the Deep” Adele? But the theme (coupled with the nice looking trailers) makes me want to watch the rest of the trilogy now. What do you think?