Admire the first few pages of the Django Unchained comic


The more and more I see of Django Unchained, the more and more I want it already. Looks like the wait will be just a teensy bit shorter for some of the good stuff. Django Unchained is getting a comic book miniseries courtesy of Vertigo (which is a match made in badass heaven) with art from R.M. Guera. 

Below in the gallery you’ll find previews of the first three pages (including the cover) of the most likely awesome miniseries. Also it seems like material cut from the film will appear in the comic. The first issue of the series is set to release December 19th (since the film releases Christmas/Nondenominational Holiday Day), so I’m anxious to get my grubby giant hands on it since I’ma hankerin’ for some Django. I really hope it’s great and I don’t regret praising it so much. 

[via Comics Alliance