Adria Petty to film the horrors of hoarding in Suffocate


I watched a Discovery Channel special about hoarding a while back, and the notion has always kinda terrified me. Being so completely unable to get rid of anything until your house becomes a claustrophobic’s nightmare really shouldn’t inspire more than pity and your basic sadness, but I can’t help but feel creeped out with the notion. So Adria Petty, daughter of Tom Petty, is making her narrative feature debut with film called Suffocate by Ben Olson. Petty has previously directed a number of commercials, as well as the documentary Paris, Not France about Paris Hilton.

The film is about a group of city employees that enter a hoarder’s condemned home, only to find it full of death traps. See, I was with this right up until then. Why does there have to be crazy, Saw-style death traps? Or even Home Alone-style death traps? I think a hoarder movie could really work, if it was done with sort of a mounting dread, psychological style, where the level of shit just keeps rising and rising, slowly driving anyone in the house mad

[Via Deadline]