Adult Swim will adapt Junji Ito’s insane horror manga Uzumaki

TEASER: Uzumaki | Toonami

Per the newly-released teaser trailer, Adult Swim will be premiering a four-part adaptation of the legendary manga artist Junji Ito’s Uzumaki next year.

Ito has become a tremendous icon of graphic storytelling, famously, briefly involved with the now-defunct Silent Hills, which would have been the continuation of the famous Konami game series directed by Hideo Kojima and featuring the input of Guillermo del Toro. But we all know how that went down.

Uzumaki was originally published from 1998 to ’99 in Big Comic Spirits, a seinen manga magazine. Ito weaves a story of a city cursed by spirals (makes sense; “uzumaki” translates, literally, to “spiral!”), eventually involving people morphing into horrible… snail creatures. Ito’s wild.

If the teaser above is indicative of the final product we might have more of a motion-comic on our hands than full-blown animation, though this remains unclear. Without a proper release window, we have time to speculate and time yet for the series to even be made.