Adventure Time news– new series, miniseries, and a movie?


Can you believe Adventure Time has been runnig for over half a decade now? It’s true! Cartoon Network’s modern flagship show will be entering its seventh season starting November 7th at 6 PM EST on the channel, kicking things off with the episode “Bonnie and Nettie.” All this was announced during the Adventure Time panel at New York Comic Con last weekend, where it was teased that the season premier picks up where the show last left off, with the Kingdom of Ooo under the unstable rule of the newly elected King of Ooo.

Executive producer, Adam Muto, explained that season seven would be a little more lighthearted compared to the previous season, which went to some very heavy and philosophical places. While it was cool to see the Adventure Time team stretch their legs with some new and unusual methods of telling stories as well as subject matter (“Jake the Brick” was a definite highlight of experimental storytelling in season six), it will be nice to see the show return to a lighter story-driven model that the original seasons were founded on.

Also starting up this fall is “Stakes,” an 8-episode Adventure Time miniseries that will start up on November 14th. “Stakes” follows Marceline the Vampire Queen as she asks Princess Bubblegum to find a way to reverse her vampirism. Along the way, we’re treated to more details about Marceline’s mysterious backstory along with the origins of how she became a vampire in the first place. The first few episodes were previewed at NYCC, showing off Marceline’s mother, as played by Adventue Time alumnus, Rebecca Sugar (now known for her work on Steven Universe).

More is set to be revealed about Marceline in the mini-series, including a hint from Muto that we’ll finally learn more about the specific relationship between her and Bubblegum. It’s been oft speculated by fans that the two were once lovers, but much has yet to really be officially explained on the true nature of the subject. “You definitely see a lot more of [thier] friendship” notes Marceline’s voice actress, Oliva Olson “and you’ll see… where their relationship is now.

Finally, we got just a little bit more information about the briefly mentioned Adventure Time movie from a while back. Muto explained that Pendleton Ward, the show’s creator, is definitely working on a premise for a movie, but that there’s not quite anything official to announce yet. Ward actually stepped down from his role of showrunner and storyboard artist on the show a few season’s back, but still helps out with production on the show from time to time.

It’s exciting to hear that progress may go into motion with a movie “soon,” but in the meantime, it’ll certainly be great to have Adventure Time back for another wild season.