After the Credits: Aw, forget it


I said on Friday that if I survived the hurricane that today’s post would be called “After the hurricane.” Well, I did, but it isn’t. You know why? Because where I live the hurricane turned out to be a bunch of hot air. So, forget it. You were totally lame, Irene.

In all seriousness, the hurricane did mess some places up, so I hope you came out unscathed. Did you lose power? Are you still without power? Are you reading this on your phone because you’re such a loyalist? Kudos, loyalist. Way to find an excuse to read about movies on the toilet.

Weekend Watchlist: Be very afraid

Box Office Numbers: Small numbers
Martin Scorsese to direct The Gambler
William Monahan will polish Sin City 2 script
Reboot of The Grudge happening, shouldn’t be
Captain America writer wants Peter Dinklage as M.O.D.O.K.
Dirty Dancing reboot now has a writer
Josh Brolin to star in Oldboy remake

Trailers and Video:
Teaser: The Hunger Games
Detective Dee & the Phantom Flame trailer and poster
Trailer: Melancholia
Trailer: Fireflies in the Garden
Trailer: Miss Bala