After the Credits: BaconFort


Pictured is Fort Wadsworth, Battery Bacon and the future Flixist Headquarters.

On an unrelated note, Rango is really good. You know, just in case you didn’t know.

Yesterday was Wednesday, and a lot happened since our last recap, including a brand new Flixist guide and the most anticipated movies of 2012. Read thems!

Flixist’s Most Anticipated Films of 2012
Cult Club: They Live (1988)

The Ultimate Guide to Everything Flixist

New Releases, week of 01/10/2012: “Balls” edition
Another Bruce Almighty sequel in works for Jim Carrey
Kim Novak is a whiny baby; Hates use of Vertigo score
Hansel and Gretel flick pushed back to 2013
Narc sequel more likely to happen than A-Team sequel
Universal celebrates 100 years w/ new logo, restorations
George Clooney to direct The Monuments Men
Super Ultimate Bond Blu-ray Collection coming soon
The Devil Inside director still getting work
Netflix Now: Bollywood Avenger Edition
Thor 2 hammer passed unto mighty new director
Film and pop culture characters as clay figures
New Hunger Games image, tickets on sale from Feb 22nd
David Cross whines about Alvin and the Chipmunks again
Sondheim’s Into the Woods getting adapted, probably
Wahlberg says Cocaine Cowboys may start shooting in 2012

Trailers and Video:
Dumb Bond video is dumb
Trailer: Djinn
Flix for Short: The Hobbit (1966)
Trailer: The Front Line
Flix for Short: Pizza Boomerang (NSFW)