After the Credits: Beeper


I definitely know where I’m going to pick up my next beeper. I mean, look at all those colors. LOOK AT THEM THE COLORS.

American Psycho again, Friday review drop and more down in the down place.

The Flixist Show 6: Feeler Sticks

Review: Green
Review: New Year’s Eve
Review: The Sitter

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Is the Saw series not quite dead?
Pitt, Clooney, Mara, Gosling depict film villains for NYT
Evil Dead remake just like Evil Dead, minus fun
Poster and image from Mel Gibson’s Summer Vacation
Angry Birds if Guy Ritchie was in charge
Edgar Ramirez could play Khan in Star Trek 2
Guy Ritchie may be crying U.N.C.L.E.
American Psycho is getting a remake. Seriously.
Drive sequel novel and Drive-inspired menswear in 2012
Nacho Vigalondo wants to watch you through Windows
See the DKR prologue early from Operation Early Bird
Alexander Aja will direct adaptation of Joe Hill’s Horns
Dark Knight Rises will feature up to 50 minutes of IMAX
Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst have an Upside Down love
Ben Kingsley could be bald and intense in Ender’s Game
New Amazing Spider-Man poster is the bee’s knees

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Trailer: The Iron Lady
Video: Trip to the Moon with score, color – parade scene
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Opening scene of The Divide leaves NYC in ruins