After the Credits: Bumbusters


Tonight I met the man who owns the domain While he hasn’t yet done anything with it, he imagines it as a web portal for bum busters. You might be surprised to learn that a bum buster is a person who busts bums. And by that he means “arrests beggars.” Yes, I was just as surprised as you are.

While you won’t find any links to bum busting below, you will find links to all of the great content that closes out this bum-busting January week.

Surviving Sundance 2012: Day Seven & Eight Recap

Review: The Grey
Sundance Review: John Dies at the End
Review: The Front Line
Review: Man on a Ledge
Sundance Review: Robot and Frank
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Sundance Review: The Words

Mondo’s new Planet of the Apes poster series
Tony Jaa might be brewing an Ong-Bak sequel
Don’t worry, Wolfpack to get more money for Hangover 3
TERRIBLE posters for What to Expect When You’re Expecting
Listen to three selections from the John Carter score
Book: Sherlock Holmes On Screen (Updated Edition)
Monty Python members reunite for alien comedy
Charlie Kaufman’s Frank or Francis gains two dames
Capcom has NOT purchased The Comedy
Ferris Bueller 2 is really a Super Bowl ad for Honda
Darren Aronofsky’s Noah: some release and villain info

Trailers and Video:
Ferris Bueller 2 teaser? What?
Trailer: Brake
Flix for Short: Aardman Animations takes on DC comics
International Trailer: Mirror Mirror
Fan-made opening credits for The Dark Knight Rises
Trailer 2: The Hunter