After the Credits: Catvertising 2 – Cat Harder


I missed the Wednesday recap due to squirrels in the server, so I’ll keep this brief. This is one of the best commercials you’ll see all year. This is what happens when you take a simple idea, give it a great script, and find a perfect voice actor. Amazing.

Pretty much everything ever happened since last Monday, so read it all. After you do that, please check out The Shelter Pet Project.

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New Releases, week of 11/15/2011: “Superkwanten” edition
Ken Levine doesn’t have a need for Bioshock movie
Doug Trumbull thinks 48fps is for babies, shoots at 120
A celebration of Saul Bass in video and in print
Tim Burton may explore a Home for Peculiar Children
David Fincher discusses Oscar chances, “too much anal”
Kristen Stewart offered female lead in live-action Akira
All aboard Q, the time-traveling Pineapple Express
The Muppets are way into Twilight
New images of Logan Lerman in Perks of Being A Wallflower
Ivan Reitman in talks to produce Michael Jackson biopic
Netflix Now: Surprise Subtitles Edition
Spielberg in talks to direct Biblical epic about Moses
Felicity Jones for Warren Beatty’s Howard Hughes biopic
Ryan Gosling pancake makes me question myself
Eric Roth may rewrite Cleopatra biopic for David Fincher
Release date set for John Hillcoat’s The Wettest County
Bill Nighy to be demonized in I, Frankenstein?
Ice Cube might make a new Friday; will keep selling out
Official: Ricky Gervais returning as Golden Globes host
Del Toro’s Pacific Rim a beautiful poem to giant monsters
Michael K. Williams misses Django, but bags a Snitch
QT finds his Django Unchained editor, DP
There may be a Woody Woodpecker movie for some reason
Scorsese wants you to want to hug and kiss children in 3D
Fantastic Muppets & Tolkien mashup illustrations
Rampage set to be adapted into a possibly terrible film
Leonardo DiCaprio could be The Six Billion Dollar Man
Hugo star offered title role in Ender’s Game
Testosterone alert: Expendables 2 poster is here
Alan Silvestri scores, supports The Avengers
Steven Soderbergh drops out of The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Trailers and Video:
Trailer: Being Flynn
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Watch Jason Segel and Kermit beg Amy Adams to co-star
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