After the Credits: Gearing up for NYFF 51

Thoughts on (film) festival fatigue and film festivals in general

This week, Hubert and I will begin our coverage of the 51st New York Film Festival. We have covered the festival for the past two years, and each year we try to expand our coverage in new and interesting ways. This year, we’re going to be doing it with video, and it’s going to be awesome. We will be doing something soon to better explain our plans, because I think they’re pretty cool.

(I mean, of course I do. I came up with them, but whatever.)

Due to some camera troubles, I wasn’t able to record a new video this week, so I’m posting an old one: the discussion Hubert and I had after the end of the New York Asian Film Festival and Japan Cuts film festival. It’s not new, but the YouTube view count is low enough that I know basically none of y’all saw it, so I don’t feel bad putting it here.

After the Credits videos will be on hiatus for the duration of NYFF (as will The (Movie) Question), but barring tragedy they’ll both come back in full force once the dust has settled.

And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube page. There’s going to be lots of stuff you’ll want to see coming very soon.

Oh, right. After the Credits. Below you’ll find all the things we did this week. Hooray!

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