After the Credits: Goodbye, sanity


Spoiler alert: The next few weeks will be insane here at Flixist as we’ll be covering the New York Film Festival, New York Comic Con, Fantastic Fest, Austin Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, and London Film Festival. For myself personally, the next few weeks will be the culmination of months of work, and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out. Festival season is hitting us with a ton of bricks, and we’re hitting back twice as hard. I sincerely hope you all enjoy some of the stuff we have in store for all of you.

In other news, R.I.P. Steve Jobs. On to today’s recap. Avast!

Announcing: The Flixist Show!

Paul Feig is not British enough for Bridget Jones reboot
8 character posters for Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas
Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to handsome up a movie
Disney to milk 3D cow…in 3D!
Werner Herzog to square off against Tom Cruise
Five new Hunger Games posters arrive
Matthew Vaughan Superior from Mark Millar
Von Trier silenced, may face charges over Nazi joke
See some unfinished Oscar-bait on Columbus Day at NYFF

Trailers and Videos:
Watch Elijah Wood fight fellow hobbit Dominic Monaghan
Trailer: The Adventures of Tintin
Trailer: War Horse