After the Credits: I quit


While I would have done it without pants, this is an awesome job quitting video that you’ve probably already seen. Have a crappy job? Sing a song.

Need something happy to read? A review of a movie about Elmo (sort of), some weird Avengers news, and Ben Affleck’s next directorial project follow for you.

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Way too late NYCC wrap-up

Review: Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey
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The Film One: a zine about favorite movies
[UPDATE] River Phoenix’s final film may be released
Ghostbusters 3 busted by Bill Murray?
Live-action Akira remake greenlit and moving forward
Sony acquires rights to Assassin’s Creed movie
Warning: A Serbian Film sees DVD release on Tuesday
Darren Aronofsky’s Noah graphic novel released in Europe
Carey Mulligan to work with Coens, maybe Jonze/Kaufman
Wa-huh? Portions of The Avengers were shot on an iPhone 4
Ben Affleck to adapt and direct The Stand
Today’s Google Doodle celebrates animator Mary Blair
Universal may pick up Mark Millar’s War Heroes

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