After the Credits: Krampus


Hey, Anthony Bourdain. You’re awesome.

Hey everyone else. You probably missed out on the amazing No Reservations holiday special, which was somewhere between a high school locker room, a very bad mushroom trip, and, well, Christopher Walken. But do not despair. You can watch this little short film thingy that the network refused to air. Honestly, it’s not so much different than the show except for the child murders.

More stuff happened that’s here in your mid-week recap.

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Chinese Zodiac looks like vintage Jackie Chan goodness
New Releases, week of 12/13/2011: “Frightful” edition
Universal picks up Luc Besson’s next sci-fi thriller
Paradise Lost delayed for budget cuts
Summer Wars director releasing next film in July 2012
First official look at Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby
Denzel Washinton to star in The Equalizer
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to open one day early
Mike Myers in talks for Austin Powers prequel – on stage?
Louis C.K. wants to make a new movie, you can help
Just Cause adaptation has a writ–WHY?!
Netflix Now: Unrealistic Church Edition
New Riddick concept art IS a jackal
Mark Neveldine says Crank 3 is on, Idris Elba possible
Patton Oswalt gets kicked out in new Alamo Drafthouse PSA
Mondo to release My Neighbor Totoro posters by Olly Moss

Trailers and Video:
Trailer: Perfect Sense
George Takei brokers Star Peace, reveals our true enemy
Trailer: Rock of Ages
Flix for Short: Alexander the Grape
Trailer: [REC] 3 Genesis
Trailer: Kill List
Trailer: The Dictator
Trailer: MS One- Maximum Security
Trailer: 1000 Kings