After the Credits: No one is afraid of the dark in 144p

Thoughts on how low resolution streaming can ruin horror films

If you noticed that two New Yorkers were covering Fantasia and wondered how that happened, let me pull back the curtain bit: Vimeo! That’s right, film festivals set up password-protected Vimeo links for press to enjoy. Some festivals, Fantasia among them, are actually fancier than that, having digital libraries specifically set up to track access, making sure that no one else is using my account to watch things.

This experience is probably something I will return to in the future, but for now I just wanted to explain where all this was coming from. I never actually mentioned this momentarily lapse in quality in my Horror Stories review, because it was actually relatively insignificant in the long run (I wouldn’t have suddenly loved it if those two or so minutes were a bit clearer), but I felt like saying something about the whole affair. There’s certainly more I could have (and maybe should have) said about the rise of streaming, but this seemed like a decent way to get something out of my head.

Note that most of the times I say “bit rate” with respect to YouTube I’m referring to a video’s resolution. They’re not the same thing, but they’re equivalent enough.

The Ars Technica article I referenced can be found here.

On the roundup front, it was a pretty light week, but there was still stuff worth reading. All that and more (more being Liz’s extended video response to this week’s The (Movie) Question) can be found below!

[This week’s film is A Day at the Races]

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