After the Credits: Prometheus and Bob


Never thought I’d think of this cartoon again. Crazy.

Lots to catch up on from the past few days, including a ton on X-Men, some stuff related to attractive females, and a whole lot more. 

Some Like It Hot presents the women and men of X-Men

Review: X-Men First Class
Princess Review: Anastasia

Weekend Watchlist: You’ll be seeing mutants
Bloggers Wanted: Not funny dude
Contest: Win your choice of these awesome X-men shirts!

Rumor: Hailee Steinfeld being sought for Carrie?
Kevin Smith’s Hit Somebody details 
Captain America: The First Avenger gets character posters
The Life of Pi release pushed back because of The Hobbit
Leslie Nielsen’s epitaph is the best thing ever
Bond 23 now has official release dates
Alien at Large to become the next comic book adaptation
Akira poster abridges the entire classic anime
I swear Prometheus isn’t an Alien prequel
Jesse Eisenberg to replace James Franco in Baumbach film
Saldana, Wilde and Cooper star in sexy plagiarism film
Penny Arcade’s “The New Kid” to be adapted
Here’s a ton of high-res Green Lantern pictures
Box Office Numbers: A mutant serenade
Alison Brie. Lizzy Caplan. Together. Oh My.
Password sharing is now illegal in Tennessee
Ryan Lee sheds light on Super 8 audition process
The Alamo Drafthouse lays down the law against texting
Sony brings CinemaNow to Playstation 3

Trailers and Video:
Watch the first (really) brief clips from Breaking Dawn
The 100 greatest movie threats of all time
George Lucas Strikes Back reveals why the prequels sucked
Flix for Short: Looks That Kill
Trailer #2: Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Trailer: Beats, Rhymes & Life
Blodcast V: House of the Grinding Blood
Bradley Cooper speaks French, women everywhere faint
Trailer: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1
Trailer: Super 8 (MTV Movie Awards)
Trailer: Buck
Trailer #2: Fright Night