After the Credits: Second Worst Movie Ever Edition


In the next few weeks, Hubert and I will be watching and writing about dozens of movies (each) for the New York Asian and Japan Cuts film festivals, and of course there’s going to be a couple of bad films in the lot. At most film festivals, there’s one movie that I see that I totally hate. This year, I saw what was truly the second worst film I’ve seen in my life.

(I say second worst because it’s not as bad as Birdemic: Shock and Terror, a film so incomprehensibly bad that some people have deluded themselves into thinking it’s actually funny. It’s not. It’s just horrible.)

A Woman and War, part of the Japan Cuts lineup, is almost that bad, except instead of clip-art animated birds, it has copious amounts of non-consensual sex (the precursor to which is pictured above). It’s disgusting, revolting, and my review of it will be as scathing as it possibly can. In fact, it will be the first time in Flixist history that a film has received less than a 10/100. And it will deserve that disgusting non-honor. So look out for that. Hopefully it’ll be a fun read.

Anyways, this week, while I was being subjected to that, people wrote things about movies! As per ususal, the notable stuff has been compiled below.

(And for those playing along at home, this week’s Alec Kubas-Meyer Weekly Film Club Extravaganza film is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, because timeliness.)

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