After the Credits: The Korean Rom-Coms of NYAFF 2013

Thoughts about the debut Korean romantic comedies at NYAFF 2013

I very seriously considered doing a dual review of How to Use Guys with Secret Tips and Very Ordinary Couple. I’ve only ever written a double review once, back at Tribeca, because I felt like Whitewash and Big Bad Wolves were two sides of the same coin. The reviews would be discussing very similar things and it would have been repetitive to write and boring to read. Since then, I’ve been looking for a reason to write another one. I found one. These two films, both debuts by Korean directors that play with the conventions of the romantic comedy genre, 

But the character limit didn’t allow me to fit “NYAFF Reviews: How to Use Guys with Secret Tips and Very Ordinary Couple” into the headline, and SEO or whatever. So I wrote about the films on their own (both of them really deserve their own time to shine), but I wanted to talk about them in context of each other. So I did.

But not as a written feature. Instead, I did it as the video you see above. Trying to throw some new stuff out there and see what sticks. If you’d like me to keep doing the whole talk-into-the-camera thing on Sundays to accompany our weekly roundups, I would be happy to oblige. If you want me to get my big dumb face out of here, I can do that too. I’m sorry that there are only videos of not me at the beginning. There isn’t much footage from the films out there and this is a trial run anyhow…

Also! A bunch of things happened this week (seriously, this is way longer than usual), including two super-cool, nontraditional reviews from Hubert and myself. That can all be found below.

[This week’s film is Run Lola Run.]

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