After the Credits: The Red Hood


Have you watched Batman: Under the Red Hood? It has been out for a while now, but it’s really quite fantastic and totally worth seeking out if you even remotely like Batman stuff. 

As a quick note, our sister site Destructoid is celebrating its five year birthday today. Without them, we wouldn’t be here, so I have to take a moment to thank everyone from Destructoid, staff and community alike, for giving us all the chance to hang out together on the internet and talk about things we love. 

There’s also recapping to be done, so see below for a lot of trailers, some Little Mermaid fun times, and a Super Mario…something…



Princess Review: The Little Mermaid



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Trailers and Video:

Trailer: The Last Godfather

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost remake Star Wars

Disney Punch combines Disney and Zack Snyder bad-assery

Trailer: Bridesmaids

Trailer: Sucker Punch “The Trenches” animated short

Trailer: Friends with Benefits

Super Mario Bros: the independent movie

Trailer: Larry Crowne