After the Credits: Why would you want to see trash?

Thoughts on negative reviews and their (unintended) alluring effect

Earlier this week, I finally posted my review of A Woman and War, a film that I saw several weeks ago and have been stewing over ever since. Here on Flixist, it got the reaction I was hoping for: “Nope.” Even Matty Shoestring, who wrote fanfiction involving me being sexually exploited, thought that it sounded like too much.

Over on Japanator, however, it was a different story. You see, this is the second year that we have been doing review roundups of our Japan Cuts coverage over on our Japan-centric sister site. We’ve actually written about a couple of films over there that we didn’t feel like writing full reviews of.

Anyways, our most recent roundup featured a lot of discussion about A Woman and War, and multiple people said that my review made them interested in seeing the film just to see if it’s actually bad. It made me really sad. Seriously. And it’s not just because it flies in the face of “Seriously, this movie is awful” thing.

I intended to write something about it, but then I realized that video would be the best way to really explain my feelings. That way, you can see exactly how much this whole thing is making me sad. While I was editing the video, I actually felt bad for me. I ended up cutting out some of the more pathetic moments, but there’s still plenty of them. So… enjoy?

Anyways, this week the New York Asian Film Festival officially ended and all things Walter Reade have been dealt with. Japan Cuts ends tonight and a few more reviews have to be written, but everything will be done in time for this upcoming Friday’s big double-festival roundup and awards post. So look forward to that.

Also this week was a bunch of Criterion Collection related stuff, including one list of recommendations and two (two!) lists of films that should be added. All that and much more can be found below.

[This week’s film is Shame.]

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