After the Credits: Word Up


If this week is Pixar Week, then today was Up Day. Much has been written on this film, and we pretty much covered every opinion of it that anyone could possibly have apart from, “Up isn’t actually a movie but rather a kielbasa factory.” Though I’m coming around to that point of view.

While it might be easy to forget that other film studios make movies, we did review some of those as well. Be sure to check those out while you’re catching up on all the words about Up. Up words. Word up.

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Review: Cars 2
Review: Bad Teacher
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Contest: Win a Super 8 poster and hat
Weekend Watchlist: Automobiles the Sequel

Take a look at the first poster for Pixar’s Brave
Alex Tse gives wings to The Crow remake
This is your first look at The Hobbit
UPDATE: Ron Howard directs Rush, Spy Vs Spy, Frankenstein
Jamie Foxx is Tarantino’s Django
Update: Emma Stone NOT in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Harry Potter infographic shows billion-dollar enterprise
Seth Gordon to direct Wargames remake
Joel Courtney painting fences as Tom Sawyer
Spy Kids 4 to feature “Aromascope”
Julia Ormond may play Superman’s smoking hot mom

Trailers and Video:
Bloom: a Disney remix by Pogo
Trailer: Killer Elite
Flix for Short: Zero
Blodcast VIII: Blood Grinder Takes Manhattan
Trailer: Captain America
Toyz Noize is a logical way to play off Pixar Week
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