A24’s After Yang gets a new trailer


The trailer for After Yang dropped yesterday morning giving audiences a first glimpse at Kogonada’s next feature film. Five years after his debut, Columbus, Kogonada has returned to the large screen to bring us a beautiful new sci-fi film.

As the trailer shows, this movie tells the story of a family and their robot member, the eponymous Yang (Justin H. Min). After becoming unresponsive, his family (Colin Farrell, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja) must try to save him.

The film is based on Alexander Weinstein’s short story “Saying Goodbye to Yang.” The trailer is lush with beautiful shots and an enchanting score. Contrasted with the flashes of orange light and talks of memory, we can feel the theme of “what does it mean to be human” seep out through the screen. Kogonada’s latest project looks like a promising, humanistic take on the sci-fi and family drama genres.

After Yang premieres on March 4th in theaters and on Showtime. It will be distributed by A24.

Source: YouTube

Sophia Schrock
Sophia (they/them) currently lives in Jersey City, NJ. They are passionate about queer cinema, horror, anything gothic, and their beloved cat Salem.