Agents of Shield season 5 teaser drops


Fans of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. can check out what’s coming in season five of the underrated, basic cable, sci-fi fantasy gem.

That’s right – I’m calling this series a gem! Grumbles persist from reticent viewers let down by the shortcomings of season one, but MAOS has spent the following three seasons fine-tuning its storytelling and character development arcs, as well as expanding its scope in both characters and locations.

Our team ended last season with a mysterious seizure at the hands of a ‘Men in Black’-esque shadow organization and a shot of Agent Phil Coulson telling himself it was time to get to work while admiring a view of space.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Season 5 "Not on Earth" Promo (HD)

Now we know that at least some of the agents are with Coulson and they have more than a few obstacles keeping them from getting home – including return appearances from the Kree (wall-climbing blue demadogs) and our heroines getting a grasp on alien technology.