Agents say American men are wusses, Brits all heroic


According to Hollywood talent agents questioned by Vulture (via The AV Club), the reason that Brits are taking all the top superhero roles is because American men are all mollycoddled and feminised, whereas Brits are hard-working, sporty and generally amazing.

Well sheesh, tell us something we don’t already know!

Seriously though, there does seem to have been quite a lot of debate on the internet about the fact that the big three superheroes – Superman, Batman and Spider-Man – are all being played by Brits, despite the characters embodying traditional American values like justice, freedom, good looks and violence. Anyone who has spent time in the UK and seen the copious quantity of over-preened, skinny jeans-wearing teenagers flouncing through the streets of London will know how ridiculous the idea is of the average Brit being any less feminised than the average American. You’ve seen Russell Brand, right?

Instead, maybe Cavill, Bale and Garfield just happened to be the right men for the parts.

[Vulture, via The AV Club]