Akira poster abridges the entire classic anime


[As originally posted on Japanator]

Call me a sucker for montage posters, but this is one awesome tribute to anime classic Akira. The poster contains almost every major event from the film, so even considering all the stuff left out from the original manga the film was based on, that’s quite a lot.

The rare poster was designed by Tyler Stout for the Alamo Drafthouse’s Mystery Movie screening. Located in Austin, Texas, the Drafthouse is no stranger to great poster art, having recently unveiled these beauties for its Texas Monthly Rolling Roadshow. While this Akira poster may lack the elegant simplicity of its theatrical release poster (featuring Kaneda walking to his tricked-out bike), it successfully captures the youthful chaos of a Japan entrenched in revolution, conspiracy, and freaky, wrinkled, psychic children.

You can download the full resolution poster here, which makes for a great desktop image.

[Hitfix via io9]