Aladdin live-action sequel confirmed


In a follow up to a previous story about the live-action remake of Aladdin we can now say that a sequel is happening, but not in the way one would think. Previously it was suspected that the sequel would follow the plot line of the second direct to video film Return of Jafar, sadly that is not the case.

Variety is reporting that sources have stated that a sequel is indeed in development at Disney but the plot will not follow Return of Jafar, instead it will be a completely new story. I was truly hoping we would see a live-action take on Return of Jafar but sadly that is not to be. The article also notes the film will not head to Disney+ but theaters.

Guy Ritchie has not even been confirmed to return either so right now it’s up in the air as to what direction this is going to go in. Sequels can be messy unless done right; just look at Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Perhaps this new Aladdin sequel will prove that live-action sequels can work when done right. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

‘Aladdin’ Sequel in the Works (EXCLUSIVE) [Variety]

Tarah Bleier
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