Aladdin musical getting revamped for run on Broadway


I was just thinking the other day that several of my favorite Disney movies had been adapted for the stage, but for some reason Aladdin had never gotten any love. Well, turns out I’m just a big stupid head, because there is a stage adaption of Aladdin and it has been touring the country for several years. So that’s news enough, at least for me. The big tidbit, however, is that the show is getting a serious overhaul in preparation for a move to Broadway. There goes any hope of me being able to see it any time soon!

Disney is making room by closing Marry Poppins in March, with an estimated premiere of Aladdin placed sometime next year. It seems logical to think the show will be updated mostly in the visual department, though it’s entirely possible there may be a new tune or two thrown in to compliment the classic repertoire of songs. Here’s some info courtesy of The Wrap

The version of “Aladdin” that hits Broadway next year will be substantially overhauled and will not be a transfer of the 5th Avenue production…That show was seen as a pilot production, designed to test the new book and additional score material. The Broadway production will involve a major new key player on the creative team.

I’m sure Disney will spare no expense, especially if Aladdin is taking the place of Mary Poppins, one of the company’s serious earners on Broadway. Better start pinchin’ those pennies now, all you stage-show lovin’ New Yorkers!

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