Alan Silvestri scores, supports The Avengers


It looks like Alan Silvestri is poised to return to Marvel in scoring The Avengers coming off of his last triumphant score to the recent Captain America: The First Avenger. Alan Silvestri is also responsible for scoring the Back to the Future trilogy, Forrest Gump, Who Framed Roger Rabbit as well as a slew of other Zemeckis-directed films (yes, even creepy CG era Zemeckis). He also scored Mousehunt, which is basically Silvestri doing his best Danny Elfman impression… Oh, and Predator… and Predators.

Silvestri remarks, “This is actually a very unique experience [for me]. I’ve worked on films where there have been a number of stars and certainly worked on films where there have been characters of equal weight in terms of their level of importance and profile in the film, but this one is somewhat extreme in that regard because each of these characters has their own world and it’s a very different situation.”

Personally, I love Alan Silvestri’s portfolio of work even more than John Williams’ (Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, etc.) because he’s capable of musically relaying the action and emotion of a scene better than pretty much any major film composer. I still harken back to the brilliantly tense scoring of Back to the Future Part II‘s scene where Marty is on the hoverboard trying to get the book back from 1955-era Biff driving in his Ford. There’s really nothing I like hearing more when I’m writing or when I’m making some badass art.

The Avengers comes out in theaters May 4 next year.

[Via Marvel]