Alan Tudyk joins Doom Patrol as Mr. Nobody


Doom Patrol, DC Comics’ upcoming television series, has landed Alan Tudyk as the villainous Mr. Nobody.

Tudyk is well known for both his traditional roles, and those using performance capture. Tudyk is just as comfortable playing K2SO in Rogue One as he is playing Hoban Washburne in Firefly. For Doom Patrol, it looks like Tudyk will be exercising his performance-capture abilities once again. With a villain as formless and sinister as Mr. Nobody, this likelihood seems inevitable. And who doesn’t love motion-capture?

Doom Patrol has really come together in the past few weeks. We reported that Brendan Frasier is on board to play Robotman via voice-over and in flashbacks, and the show already has the likes of Jovian Wade as Cyborg, April Bowlby as Elasti-woman and Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane. There’s still no casting for Negative Man, but that’s sure to change in the near future.

Doom Patrol is still early in production, but when it premieres, it’ll do so on the DC Universe streaming service.

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