Albert Hughes is tracking The Fugitive reboot


The reboots keep on coming. If it isn’t already obvious everything that was ever popular will likely be rebooted at some point. As it turns out, The Fugitive is no exception. This newest reboot will be coming courtesy of Albert Hughes. Hughes is best known as part of the Hughes Brothers directing duo who helmed The Book of Eli and Menace II Society. Albert most recently solo directed Alpha.

The reboot will be taking a different approach than previous adaptations, but it’s unclear what the new additions might be. The Fugitive has been redone a few times with the original TV series, then the movie adaptation starring Harrison Ford, and there’s even a new series on the way starring Kiefer Sutherland. The new script is being written by Brian Tucker, who worked with Albert’s brother Allen Hughes on Broken City. The plot will likely feature the same story beats of a man falsely accused of killing someone and going on the run, besides that the plot is anyone’s guess.

Albert Hughes To Direct ‘The Fugitive’ Remake At Warner Bros [Deadline]