Alex Garland’s Devs looks to give us a menacing Nick Offerman


It might not be the most obvious opinion, but I consider Alex Garland a househould name. Giving us one of the best films of 2015 with Ex Machina and then the best film of 2018 with his Jeff VanderMeer adaptation Annihilation, Garland has proven himself to be a tremendous director of science fiction. Not to mention his years of screenwriting, and we have reason to be excited for Devs, his upcoming series produced by FX. And if faith weren’t enough for you, now there’s a trailer.

When her boyfriend goes missing under suspicious circumstances, Lily (Sonoya Mizuno) begins to poke around his former employer, a tech company headed by a charismatic and probably-maniacal CEO (Nick Offerman). The subject of the company’s “Devs” security division leads Lily into a world of high tech, corporate espionage, and dramatic yellow lighting.

The new trailer instantly recalls the sleek aesthetic of Garland’s Ex Machina, with the premise of “billionaire genius” seemingly a common thread between the film and Devs

How far Garland’s show will dive into the sci-fi aspect of his works remains to be seen, but the wait won’t be too arduous. Devs is set to premiere on March 5th on Hulu, via FX’s “FX on Hulu” brand.