Alex Winter talks Bill & Ted 3


There have been various rumors about the proposed Bill & Ted sequel the past year or so. At first it just seemed like Alex Winter (who plays Bill in the movies) was just trying to cling to a lost dream of making the movie made. But with Keanu Reeves on-board and a supposedly solid script already being finished, it seems that dream might soon become a reality. Alex Winter was quoted recently in an interview with MTV as saying:

The movies were always about rock & roll, that was a big part of the movies, so [we’ll explore] what’s happened to rock & roll in the last twenty years. So the movie’s gonna get in and play with some of that stuff: where’s rock, where are we, what’s happened to the whole idea of saving the world, or what hasn’t happened?

Obviously not the most eloquent speaker, but I admire Winter’s passion for the project. I think there’s a lot of potential with this idea of bringing characters from the 80’s into the modern times, what with all the music trends that have cropped up over the years such as dubstep and autotune. I’m reminded of Bride of Chucky where they did a similar sociological experiment by bringing an 80’s toy into the 90’s and seeing what that crass character has to say about R&B and all those pop artists like Britney Spears and N’sync. I, personally, can’t wait to see this movie for this reason alone, because there has been such degradation in culture since the 80’s that it’s just screaming to be mocked.

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[Via Collider]