Alexander Aja will direct adaptation of Joe Hill’s Horns


In October of 2009, Mandalay Pictures picked up the screen rights to adapt Horns, a novel written by former Stephen King sperm Joe Hill. The film has been in development hell since then, but today comes the news that Alexander Aja of Piranha 3D fame is set to helm the project. The plan is for Aja to tackle the project before he moves on to adapt the manga Cobra the Space Pirate.

Much like my Saturday mornings, Horns centers around a 26 year old man who wakes up one morning hungover and sprouting horns that wield mysterious powers. There’s also something about solving the year old murder of his girlfriend, but I can’t really relate to that as much. I’m a huge fan of Hill’s work on Locke & Key and I actually have a copy of Horns collecting dust on my book shelf, but alas too much of my time is allotted to filing down my “drinky horns”. I’ll get to it someday (probably won’t).

[Via Collider]