Alexandre Desplat to score Star Wars: Rouge One


Some exciting news from the Star Wars camp: Alexandre Desplat will be scoring Star Wars: Rouge One. That makes him the first composer to score a Star Wars film that isn’t John Williams. Desplat was scarce on details when he made the announcement of French radio, but whatever he does it should be awesome because he’s one of the more original composers working today.

There’s no word on why Williams isn’t tackling this one, but the best guess would be that time constraints wouldn’t allow or that he doesn’t want to score all of the Star Wars films coming out in the next few years. That’s a lot of theme music to pull together. He could also be retiring from the franchise after Episode VII releases, but that would be really unlikely.

Either way Rouge One keeps getting more interesting as it picks up a director, stars and now a composer who could lend it a different feeling than the main films. 

[via Film Music Reporter]

Matthew Razak
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