ALF is (kinda) back! In TV Form


TV is starting to freak me out a little with the sheer number of shows being made these days. This year alone, 520 original idea shows will be broadcast on all sorts of channels, services, and apps, making it hard to watch even 1% of what’s on offer. Thankfully, you and I don’t have to watch any of that new stuff because an ALF reboot is in the works. Yes, the 80s comedy featuring the sarcastic, camel-nosed Alien Life Form (ALF for short) is gearing to come back to television next year, hopefully coming as welcome news for original fans who were burned by the depressing series finale and even more confusing TV movie.

While the show is still searching for a network, a few factoids have been learned. First, Warner Bros. TV is producing the reboot just like they did the original. Second and more importantly, the series would have ALF interacting with an entirely new family seeing as how no one in the Tanner family would be under 40 this year. Guess the producers weren’t keen on an ALF/Golden Girls crossover. Other than that, details are scarce as production only started up in May.

As the pre-meltdown Roseanne season this year proved, reboots can be successful, providing a safe haven of nostalgia and comforting characters to help balance out the next hour-long episode of Westworld. However, ALF is no Roseanne. ALF certainly had its 15 minutes of fame, but a three-camera sitcom featuring a loud-mouthed puppet seems too dated even for its own good.

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