Alfonso Cuarón’s Forsaken is a prequel of sorts to Gravity


Want to get your new movie attention at Cannes outside of the fact that it’s being made by Alfonso Cuarón and his son Jonas? Do everything you can to connect it to last year’s smash hit Gravity including calling a prequel when it really isn’t. 

At Cannes Stuart Ford, who is selling the film, said, “In a way, Forsaken is a de facto prequel to Gravity. Jonas and Alfonso were working on the screenplay of Forsaken, then called Desierto, when they had a very similar concept and put it in space. So Forsaken has a lot of themes similar to Gravity. It’s about someone in a spectacularly peaceful but perilous environment trying to get home.”

That’s probably really, really stretching things, but Forsaken does sound interesting nonetheless. The film involves Gael Garcia Bernal playing a man crossing the unguarded part of the Sonora desert as he tries to get into the U.S. The problem is that someone is picking of the group he is with one by one. Sounds like the perfect setting for Cuarón’s incredible ability to ratchet up tension and drive home character.

[via Variety]

Matthew Razak
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