Alfred Hitchcock by way of Anthony Hopkins?


Don’t call this a confirmation, but Anthony Hopkins is currently in talks to play the Master of Suspense, if Collider‘s sources are to be believed. Ivan Reitman’s Montecito Pictures is working on an adaptation of the book Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho by Stephen Rebello. Hopkins was previously attached to an earlier adaptation of the book directed by Ryan Murphy and co-starring Helen Mirren; the project went nowhere.

Now, it seems this new attempt is moving forward, as director Sacha Gervasi (Anvil! The Story of Anvil) is in talks to direct the film. If he jumps onboard, he will also rewrite a script penned by Black Swan scribe John McLaughlin.

Hitchcock is a fascinating man, and Hopkins is an excellent actor, so this could be a project to watch out for, just as long as it stays far away from any semblance of that horrible Psycho remake.

[via Collider]