Alias may be coming back.


When I was six, I stumbled across the very first episode for the opening of Alias, the spy show that catapulted Jennifer Gardner and JJ Abrams into our pop culture brains. It was quite unfortunate, because I saw the scene where Garner’s character super badass Sydney Bristow comes across her husband killed super dead by the secret agency she had been working for. This being a JJ Abram show, things got weird for a spy show. What originally started out as Gardner trying to balance her double life as a spy turns into so many double-crosses, crop tops and immortal 60-year-olds, so a sequel doesn’t sound like a bad idea with that much insanity.

Speaking in the vaguest terms possible, Gardner hinted at a reboot of Alias being in the works, otherwise having very little details. However, this is the spy with a thousand hair colours, and if they’ll reboot Murphy Brown, it’ll probably happen. I doubt Abrams would return seeing as how he can play with the biggest toys in the chest (Star Trek and Star Wars) any time he wants these days.

My curious level is slightly above normal for a show I watched once and then had nightmares about. These sorta action thriller non-serialized shows seem less common now in part thanks to the superhero shows being able to provide the fantastical elements. With the amount of niches being filled with Peak TV these days, an Alias reboot without the mystery box magic of Abrams could be weird and great or boring and boring. They better keep the 2000 fashion sense though, more denim is always the answer.