Alien Anthology Limited Edition Unboxing


This is the week that Xenomorphs get to grace your home in glorious high definition! All four of the Alien movies are brought together for the fourth time in a unique package to those fans who wish to shell out an extra $50. I am one of those fans and it’s my pleasure to bring to you the unboxing of the Alien Anthology Comicon (Egg Package).

Hit the jump for the video and more details.


The “guardian” alien and egg sit atop the Alien Anthology marked perch that encases the six Blu-ray discs. It’s mostly rubbery plastic but it does light up and costs $50 more. I have not ventured into the movies yet (that is what all day today is for) but I hear this Blu-ray collection looks remarkable and contains a new feature that allows you to swap out the discs and bypass the legal writing (and title screen?) to keep you in the action as much as possible. Technology, ain’t it great?

If this tickles your fancy and you can’t live without it, it looks like there are still some over at FoxConnect. And if you’d prefer the regular Blu-ray edition, it is selling for $90-100 and contains all the same features. Just in time to make a wonderful Halloween evening.