Alien at Large to become the next comic book adaptation


The next in a long wave of comic-to-film adaptations has been announced. Platinum Studios, an apparently massive independent comic company that I have never heard of but is behind the source material for Cowboys and Aliens, has announced a partership with Practical Studios, a company that does not have a website so far as Google is concerned but produced American Pie and several of the Final Destination films, to turn Alien at Large, a graphic novel I have also never heard of, into a film. So… this entire project is basically one big unknown for me. All that I do know is the basic premise of the story: Earth has an alien ambassador who is a bit of an idiot and constantly screws things up, but his arrival on our messes with some kind of alien conspiracy, and he may be the one person humanity can turn to in its time of need. Or something.

The plot sounds like something the late, great Douglas Adams would have written, so I am thinking that the comic might be worth checking out. The film? I can’t say, but comic book films have been getting better and better as time goes on (thanks to X-Men, says our own Glenn Morris), so it’s probably worth following at the very least.

[Via FirstShowing.Net]