Alison Brie. Lizzy Caplan. Together. Oh My.


I apologise for the header photo to any men with plans on standing up in the next hour or so. But Hollywood evidently has a new plan for attracting male viewers to rom-coms: teaming up the trouser-destroying behemoth of hotness that is Alison Brie with a second actress whose gorgeousness can only be measured on the Richter scale.

First, it was Emily Blunt in Universal’s Five Year Engagement (where Brie, it must be recalled, will be TALKING IN AN ENGLISH ACCENT). That pairing has now been one-upped by producers Gary Gilbert and Jordan Horowitz, the heroes who have pulled off (steady) the all-time great geekgasm pairing of Annie Edison and Casey Klein for their movie Save The Date. Yes, that’s Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan sharing a screen and playing sisters, which, if Pride & Prejudice is to be believed, is a sure-fire guarantee of intimate and giggly chats under the bedsheets. Lord.

The movie has a plot, but whatever. My advice is to avoid under any circumstances attending with a girlfriend, unless you genuinely believe she won’t notice the tub of popcorn in your lap being six inches higher than normal. If she doesn’t care, marry her immediately.

[via Variety]