All 8 dwarfs have been cast for Snow White and Huntsman


All the dwarfs have officially been cast for Snow White and the Huntsman, now that Nick Frost has been cast to play the young, unbearded Gus. In addition to Frost, the seven other dwarfs are: Ian McShane as Caesar – the eldest, Stephen Graham as Nero – the angry one, Eddie Izzard as Tiberius – the biggest, Bob Hoskins (!) as the blind Constantine, Toby Jones as a fearful Claudius, and Ray Winstone and Eddie Marsan are twins named Trajan and Hadrian. Remember, all the dwarfs are named after Roman emperors.

The fact that they’ve chosen Frost to play the youngest dwarf, Gus, may mean that he will be a comic-relief character in the movie. Given that most of Frost’s past works have been with his friend Simon Pegg, I’d say it’s a safe bet.

[Via /Film]