All Lily Collins gets is Simon Pegg locked in a dungeon in trailer for Inheritance


Inheritance | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical Entertainment

Whenever someone’s rich parent dies, there’s always a sort of struggle of wills (over the will) that follows. Whether it be the literal throat stabbing of You’re Next or the more disappointing realization that all your dad left you was a caged Simon Pegg, film inheritances never go quite as planned.

In the thriller Inheritance, Lily Collins is the daughter of a wealthy patriarch. Once he dies, however, she’s left with this shocking inheritance and a mystery to unravel which may destroy her life. Duhn, duhn!

All told, it looks twisty and neat. Lily Collins is always good, and it’s refreshing to see Simon Pegg in a more dour and weathered role.

You’ll be able to unravel Inheritance‘s mysteries early if you’e a DirecTV subscriber as it hits the platform on April 23, 2020 with a VOD and theatrical release to follow on May 22.

Kyle Yadlosky
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