Alvarez to direct Dante’s Inferno videogame adaptation


Some good news for those of us who thought Fede Alvarez did an awesome job on the Evil Dead remake/relaunch movie. It seems that Hollywood noticed. The newly discovered director is in talks to direct the forthcoming Dante’s Inferno film (that’s based on the game, not the poem). We hadn’t heard much about the EA franchise’s film incarnation other than the rights had been sold some years ago, but it seems Universal is moving forward with it.

This is really horrible news if you’re a fan of the literary Inferno as it simply means more butchering of the legendary writing, but for those who dug the game’s more, shall we say, ridiculously violent and action-oriented slant on the tale you should be pretty happy. Alvarez showed he had the chops to coat the screen in blood and deliver a satisfying remake to a beloved masterpiece so maybe he can actually make this worthwhile as well. I wouldn’t be holding out for too much depth, butI can tell you I’m about 100 times more interested in the film now.

[via Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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