Amanda Plummer in for Catching Fire, new dir. for sequels


We’ve got some good news and some bad news concerning Hunger Games today. We’ll start with the good because the bad news is a bit more interesting. The good news is that the Amanada Plummer has been cast as Wiress (or Nuts), an eccentric competitor in the next Hunger Games. It’s pretty good casting and definitely keeps up the pace of attracting quality actors to the franchise.

Now onto the bad news. The franchise is going to see even more directors. After Gary Ross left the series I think it was pretty much assumed that Francis Lawerence was going to finish it out, but now that Lionsgate has split the final book into two movies and scheduled them and Catching Fire to release in just three years it doesn’t look like Lawerence will have the time either. Thus the studio execs are currently looking for a new director or even directors to finish off the series.

I was worried enough that we’d have a quality drop with a single director change, but the series going through at least three directors cannot be good for it, especially since the reason for multiple directors is because they want to rush the movies out. It’s possible that the films will still be great, but the continuity in tone and style a single director would have offered given an appropriate amount of time would make it much more likely.

[via Indiewire]

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