Amazon Instant Video lives on PlayStation 3


Yesterday, Amazon announced that their online video service, Amazon Instant Video, had gone live on the PlayStation 3. Amazon Prime members, in addition to getting a few benefits like free 2-day shipping, are able to take advantage of Amazon Instant Video with their membership. As if Netflix didn’t already have their hands full with their subscription shifting and the rise of Hulu, Amazon has come around to take a bite out of the pie.

I took a quick glance through Amazon’s library, but didn’t find anything really great; there’s a lot of overlap between shows and movies with Netflix. However, what Amazon does have over Netflix is the ability to rent same-day new releases directly from the app as opposed to waiting for Netflix. Granted, such rentals go for as much as $5, but if you’re too lazy to find a Redbox, this could be big news.

To commemorate the PS3 by being the first gaming console to support Amazon Instant Video, Amazon has made the first episode of more than 100 TV shows free for the week. You can read more directly from Amazon’s front page.

[via Destructoid]