Amazon is giving Lore a second season


Amazon has announced that it will be renewing its hybrid series for a second season, which will start production in April.

Lore, based on the podcast by Aaron Mahnke, is a series that uses narration along with archival footage and animation to recount the history and folklore that adds the seed of truth from which our most haunting fictions grow.

Though Lore is blended and updated, it still strikes nostalgic chords for me. In a world of supernatural reality shows featuring adults camping out in haunted houses and then running around like babies when the lights are out, it’s nice to still have at least one show of a narrator recounting a reportedly true story over dramatic footage.

This sort of programming has always been my televised candy of choice. Growing up, shows like Unsolved Mysteries and Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction would fill lazy stretches of daytime TV, offering a small thrill with ample doses of wonder. They teased the imagination while adhering to some historical research and efficacy. Some also scared the hell out of me.

I was a wimpy little boy.

There’s no date yet for when season two will air.

Amazon Renews ‘Lore’ for Season 2, Sean Crouch Set as Showrunner [Variety]

Kyle Yadlosky
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