Amazon is taking all the Jacks


In 2012, Tom Cruise took a break from his role as a militaristic secret agent to shift into a new role as a militaristic secret agent. As the titular Jack Reacher, Cruise ran, jump, drove, and shot his way in and out of trouble for two films before the plug was pulled. While the movies may not have brought in the money or the fans, Amazon is betting on a different reaction by turning it into a show. 

They’ve already had one success with one Jack, so two Jacks is the next logical step. Jack Ryan has been renewed for seasons two and three, and now the Reacher series joins the spy twisting regime Amazon is building (speaking of which… ANNOUNCE SEASON 3 OF PATRIOT YOU COWARDS). The sans-Cruise series is set to be written and run by Nick Santoria, creator of Scorpion

Amazon to Develop ‘Jack Reacher’ Series [Variety]

Nick Hershey